Starling and Funding Options support SMEs with quick loans



Founded in 2011, is a “data-driven marketplace for business finance” that strives to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) secure the funds they need to thrive.

Today with more than 120 lending partners, the company has helped raise around £ 500million between 10,000 businesses in the UK and the Netherlands.

Starling, still fresh, has a 5% share of the UK SME market. His collaboration with Funding Options includes joining the latter’s aforementioned lending panel.

Promote business growth

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Starling has proven to be an ally of small businesses as they seek ways to stay afloat. So far, the pioneering challenger bank has issued £ 2 billion in government guaranteed loans and plans to increase its SME accounts to 18% of the UK market within five years.

“By forming lending partnerships with credit brokers such as Funding Options, Starling is making it easier for small businesses to access the funds they need to survive, grow and prosper,” said Helen Bierton, director of banking services. .

For its part, Funding Options has been equally proactive over the past 12 months, processing £ 850million and enabling SMEs to find and access the funds they need. Stuart Lawson, CRO, is confident that Starling’s participation will add value to their joint efforts:

“This partnership with Starling Bank is another strong signal to business owners that Funding Options will do everything to stimulate competition in the SME lending market and foster business growth by providing fair, profitable and competitive choice.”

SMEs: vital for the economy

An analysis conducted in 2020 by found that UK SMEs account for 50% of the total economy, making it clear why Starling and Funding Options are such strong supporters.

– something that doesn’t come from a big bank – has become increasingly popular and viable as more and more restrictions on lending are imposed, which SMEs are often unable to overcome.

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