HESLB’s digital app for providing 24-hour loans


Dr Veronica Nyahende, director of planning and loan issuance at HESLB, said in a statement yesterday that registration will consist of taking fingerprints, bank details, photograph and registration details of applicants. students in universities.

The registration exercise will be carried out in higher education institutions from today (Monday January 10) until February 3, she said, noting that the digital disbursement solution (DiDiS) was put in place in 2018 to make it easier to provide student loans from 10 days originally. at 24 hours.

Freshmen who are due for the loans and others who received the loans for the first time in 2021/22 must show up to enroll, she said, noting that the third quarter payments for this year will be done digitally.

“It is therefore important that the students register to receive the money”, she explained, specifying that the officials of the HESLB will be in the universities from today to coordinate with the officials of the university leading the registration exercise. Additional information on locations and registration times will be published at the HESLB offices in relation to each institution, she said.

Student government leaders and university loan officers must mobilize loan recipients to prepare to apply for loans without undue inconvenience, she said, noting that if this registration exercise is successful, officials loans will do away with paper record keeping because they would get the money as quickly as possible.

The HESLB was established by the HESLB Act (Cap 178) of 2004 with the mission of providing an education grant on the basis of a loan for needy students and overseeing repayments thereafter.

In fiscal year 2021/22, the government set aside $ 570 billion in higher education student loans to benefit a total of 168,000 students, the statement said.

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